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The Worst Types of Online Reviews

Today’s Yelpification of doctors and healthcare is here to stay. Websites enable anyone—whether you’re a patient or not—to review doctors. Experts, including Mark Lange, CMO of, comment on the three most common types of negative online physician reviews.

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The patient experience begins before the office visit

Although HCAHPS scores provide hospitals and providers a report of patient experience, there are serious limitations to these surveys. In this article, Lindsay Neese Burton, Healthcare Marketing Director for, provides healthcare organizations some practical tips for managing their online reputation.

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Hospitals Tap Startups to Boost Patient Satisfaction

In this WSJ article, Pascal Bensoussan, Chief Product Officer talks about the relationship between online complaints and patient-satisfaction scores, and how Online Reputation Management platforms enable hospitals to spot and mitigate problems that could lead to negative experiences.

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What Doctors Are Doing About Bad Reviews Online

Bad online ratings can wreak havoc on a doctor’s business – but having solid Online Reputation Management in place can mitigate risk. Reputation Management platforms can play a critical role by increasing the volume of feedback from patients.

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