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‘Turn Insight Into Actions: Improving CX Case-by-Case’ was a webinar hosted by UK.

To watch the webinar on-demand, click the play button in the player. Alternatively, click here to view the webinar on our YouTube channel.

Customers leave insightful feedback about your business on many channels throughout their buying journey. This creates the need for an omnichannel inbox that aggregates feedback from all channels to set clear priorities for your team. With this in mind, created Actions, a way to close the loop on customer feedback and track issues in real-time as they’re raised by your customers, right the way through to completion, directly from within the platform.

This webinar remains highly relevant one year on as our experts in the field of Online Reputation Management (ORM) offer insight into how businesses in a range of industries can manage multichannel feedback. Insights include:

  • How’s ‘Actions’ solutions can enable your business to deliver world-class customer experience;
  • How consumer behaviour is changing and why multichannel feedback is a critical component of your company’s online presence;
  • Case studies across various industries;
  • How you can take steps to drive effective management of multichannel feedback for your company.

The webinar is hosted by leading ORM professionals at, namely: