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Do retailers have an online reputation management problem?

Online reputation matters. At the Transform ’19 conference in San Diego earlier this month, one point driven home was that, while brands and retailers have expanded their conversational touchpoints as a result of social media efforts, the vast majority of conversations about a particular company’s products and/or services takes place outside of those they control. “We live in a ‘Feedback Economy’ with millions of points of presence to manage,” said Joe Fuca, CEO of Reputation.com, the firm behind the conference.

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4 Steps to Elevating Your Dealership’s Online Reputation

About 91 percent of auto shoppers read online reviews before deciding which dealerships to shop. But proven Online Reputation Management tools can help auto dealers manage their online reputation, keep ratings and rankings high with a surplus of representative reviews.

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Keys to an apartment property’s reputation

Reputation.com analyzed over 400,000 tenant reviews of over 9000 locations in order to determine what factors figure most prominently in positive reviews and in negative reviews. Here’s an overview of what they found influenced an apartment property’s reputation.

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How Online Reviews Are Transforming Marketing

The “Mad Men” days are over, along with the bullhorn mentality of traditional advertising – and branding power is now in the hands of your customers. To capitalize on the new dynamic, you must manage and influence the conversation happening online about your brand.

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Reputation.com Announces Joe Fuca as New CEO

Reputation.com, an SaaS platform helping location-based enterprises optimize customer engagement strategies and build stellar reputations, announced on Tuesday morning Joe Fuca as its new CEO. Fuca brings experience as senior vice president at DocuSign and, more recently, president of FinancialForce to the table.

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